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Homework assignments will be similar to what Mrs. Rodriguez assigned, the homework and remembering page from the math curriculum each night and one language arts sheet for the week.  No homework will be assigned on Fridays.  

If it takes your child more than 20 minutes to do the homework worksheet, you can have your child stop and write me a note on the homework.


Monday: Language Arts homework worksheet assigned (optional), due Friday

          Math Homework and Remember for Unit 4, Lesson 1 (4-1)

Tuesday: Math Homework and Remembering 4-2

Wednesday: Math Homework and Remembering 4-3

Thursday: TBD (Math 4-4 will take us 2 days so I will see how far we get before officially assigning the homework)


Here is a link to Math Expressions Homework and Remembering for unit 4 in case your child loses the page.