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Dates to Remember

  • March 16- Unit 6 Math Test (We did not finish it and will complete it on Monday)
  • March 16- Report Cards Go Home
  • March 17- No School
  • March 20- The spelling test has been moved to Monday due to the short week and the math test being on the 16th. The spelling test has the e_e and u_e spelling patterns found on the Unit 6 Week 2 slides slide 7. 
  • March 27- Read-a-Thon Begins
  • March 29- Chipotle Fundraiser (4-8pm at the Mowry location, online code 6PK4BRY)
  • April 7-April 14- Spring Break/ No School
  • April 25- Open House, 7-8 pm (More details to come)

Report Cards

Report cards went home on Thursday.  Please keep the report card at home.  Sign the envelope it came in and have your child return just the envelope to me.  Report cards are also available on Illuminate.  

Different Expectations for the Third Trimester

Now that we are in the third trimester, the expectations for what students can do are greater.  You may have noticed on the writing rubrics on the bottom or attached to the students' writing assignments that there are a certain number of targets that must be met for a students to earn a 3 which indicates they met standards.  In the third trimester, all the standards must be met to be considered meeting standards.  For Benchmark tests, in the second trimester, at least 50% correct was a 3 and 30% was a 2.  In the third trimester, students must get at least 70% correct to earn a 3 and 50% correct to get a 2.  

Analog Clocks

We are starting a unit on time and measurement in math.  Students will be expected to know how to tell time to the hour and half hour.  Most students are used to digital clocks.  If you have an analog clock at home or see one when you are with your child, ask your child what time it is if the time is to the hour this week or half hour after this week.  


Our yearbook is up for sale! We are doing online orders only this year. Online ordering will be closed on April 14th or earlier if they sell out. Sales of any extra yearbooks (if available) will be done at the school after the pre-ordered yearbooks are passed out to all students.

Online Ordering Link:

Bulldog Gazette

Check out our March Bulldog Gazette Newsletter

Check out our school newsletter for Maloney updates. 

Star Students for March (so far)

 Hiya Star Anav


Curriculum for the Month

Social Studies- How Are We Good Helpers in School?

Science-Animal Defenses.

  • Animal Research Project- Each student chose an animal and is researching it with a partner.  We are each making our own book about the animal.  On Thursdays, our buddies from Mr. Zelt's 6th grade class came to help us research the animal's habitat.  We are relating what we are learning in our science curriculum about how turtles and tortoises survive and their body structures to the animals we are researching.  

March 20-24

Language Arts Benchmark Unit 6 Week 3

  • Phonics Skill: long a (ai, ay)
  • Sight Words: brown, live, work, year
  • Vocabulary Words: see slides
  • Language: conjunctions, compound sentences
  • Writing: informational, animal research project


  • Unit 7 lesson 1: Introduction to time
  • Unit 7 lesson 2: Tell and write time in hours
  • Unit 7 lesson 3: Time in our day
  • Unit 7 lesson 4: Tell and write time in half hours

March 27-March 31

Language Arts Benchmark Unit 6 Week 3 continued

  • Writing: informational, animal research project


  • Unit 7 lesson 5: Practice telling and writing time
  • Unit 7 lesson 6: Rectangles and squares
  • Unit 7 lesson 7: Triangle and circles
  • Unit 7 lesson 8: Equal shares (halves and fourths)

April 3-6

Language Arts (no new Benchmark unit)

  • Phonics /ow/, /oi/


  • Unit 7 lesson 9: compose 2-dimensional shapes
  • Unit 7 lesson 10: 3-dimensional shapes
  • Unit 7 lesson 11: compose 3-dimensional shapes

Contacting Mrs. Kennedy

If you ever have any questions, please ask me. The best way to reach me is by e-mail: