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Distance Learning

Mrs. Harvey introduced distance learning expectations at the beginning of the school year that I would like remind everyone of in the chart below.  

Zoom Expectations

Daily Schedule

DL Schedule
Wed DL Schedule

Distance Learning Tips
What Why How
Visual Schedule Helps the student know what is next

Print out the schedule and hang it in the same area of the day.  

Set Reminders We all lose track of time.   For those with apple devices, they have, you can set alarms on their devices.  You can also use a kitchen timer and have them set it each time they get off of Zoom so they will be on time for the next Zoom.  Set your alarms at least 5 minutes before the Zoom meeting to give your child time to go back to the computer, log on, and get back on Zoom.  
Comfortable Chair, but not an office chair

Office chairs are difficult to keep still.   Spinning around and not facing the screen is distracting.  

Try finding a comfortable chair or add a pillow.  I put a box under the table my son sits at so he can rest his feet on something and small box under his laptop so the screen can be at eye level.  Check out this website for some ideas on proper sitting posture for children.  Please have your child sit in a chair though even though the website gives tips on lying on the floor.  

More Tips Coming Soon!