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March Pictures

Read Across America Week

Mrs. Canon reading Oh the Places You'll Go


blue travel gray travel

green travel red travel

yellow travel brown travel

Baez Moncrieff

 blue hair brown hair

red hair gray hair

yellow hair green hair

Read Wood

Read Outside Read Seshu

February Pictures

Kindness Week


blue bright brown bright

gray bright green bright

red bright yellow bright

For Ian's Start of the Week sharing, he said he would solve the Rubix Cube in under 2 minutes for us.  We were so amazed that he did it in 1 minute 24 seconds!  

Ian Rubix Cube

100th Day of School

blue100 brown100

gray100 green100

red100 yellow100

January Pictures


Mayuri Paint

December Pictures

Winter Spirit Week

Monday: School Spirit Day

Gray 1 Green 1

Brown 1 Yellow

Red 1 blue 1

Tuesday: Traditions Day

brown 2 Green 2
Blue 2 Gray 2

Yellow 2 red 2

Wednesday: Pajama Day

bluepj brownpj

graypj greenpj

redpj yellowpj

Bears 12/3/21